Squeaky reads

Squeaky has been practicing for quite some time in kindergarten.  And she has known her letters and her sounds for almost two years now.  But she has been soooooooo extremely shy to read outloud to anyone other than me, or when I have tried to record it…well she froze. 

Last night when I put Squeaky to bed, she just wasn’t tired.  So after I read her a chapter for the book I was reading to her, I handed her this book for her to “try” on her own.  I knew she could do it without any help and the confidence boost might just be what she was looking for.

I could hear her yelling to me from her bed “Mommy, I know these words!” I was so proud of her.  And happy for her.  She fell asleep last night after reading this book to herself outloud many many times.   Never once asking me for help. :)

Today after dinner I asked her to read it to me…and well the dogs.  And I think she totally “rocked” it!  Great job, Squeaky!!!

Here you can see her!

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Monarch sightings

So really its only ONE monarch…but she’s pretty darn cute!


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Funny how one word can mean two different things to two different little girls.

Bug has been talking about how she would LOVE to have a black mustang. It would be black, and she would name it “Beauty.” (I know, real original)

Squeaky heard this and couldn’t wait to chime in.  She was sooooo excited, talking about her pink Mustang that she would name “Princess.”

Funny how totally opposite two sisters can be!!

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We’ve got snails!

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4 year old confirms mothers belief that they don’t eat much fast food…

I always tell myself we don’t eat fast food very often…but there are times when I wonder if I am fooling myself.  Maybe I block it out from day-to-day?  Maybe we really do eat there, I just tell myself otherwise.

Squeaky confirmed my belief on Friday.  The day started out with Buddy coming back from the bus stop saying a parent came out to the stop to tell him that the middle didn’t have school today.  Apparently there was a power outtage.  I quickly read my emails, thankful for my Blackberry, and found out they were correct.  About 1am an email was sent out saying no school today for middle school.

So, my day was thrown off.

After we picked Squeaky up from preschool, we were headed to Michaels.  She of course, declares herself “sooo hungry!”  So I told her I would go through Burger King’s drive-thru and get her some chicken nuggets.  This is where she confirms my thoughts.  “Mommy, could you ask them if they sell french fries, and if they do, would you please order me some?”

Honest…those are the words straight of out of the 4 year old’s mouth!!

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My kids are never wrong

My kids are never wrong…at least in their eyes.  This one I will give credit to my Great Grandma Ruby…I think we all remember this story.  One night at dinner she had some radishes on her plate.  My Grandpa had asked her if he was going to eat her radishes.  She replied something about them being strawberries.  They argued, she ate one…and then said “Yep, it was a strawberry!”  The whole entire table knew it was a radish…but she right that night…it was a strawberry.

When Buddy and Bug were little, it was mustard and cheese. I don’t remember who was doing the eating, but we were at McDonalds and one of them was going to eat the other ones cheeseburger.  I had said “you can have it, but there is mustard on it” and the one eating it said “no, it’s cheese” and they proceeded to lick the entire glob of mustard off the edge of the cheeseburger and without gagging or letting on how disgusted they were said “yep, it was cheese!”

Today we were driving to school and Squeaky said “I see the Ice Arena!!”  (it’s her favorite place these days) And I said “Really? Cuz we are still pretty far away from the ice arena, but I do see a brick building up ahead.” After we drove another 5 miles we did pass the arena…then Squeaky says “See, I told you I saw the ice arena.  You know I do have those eyes that can see through other things?”

She got me there…I guess I will have to use her the next time I lose my cell phone or car keys!

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One would think I would be writing about how justice was served after someone treated me wrong…or one of the kids.  But no, I am actually talking about “cool” things.

To a 4 year old, being like your sister is the most awesomest (not sure that is even a word) thing in the entire world.  Anything and everything that your older sister does or has MUST be THE thing to have!

Squeaky confused me for a few minutes this morning while I was helping her get dressed.  She kept insisting I find her Justice jeans…now I will be the first to tell you she owns not a thing from Justice.  Her sister, yes, but not Squeaky.  I was about to break it to her when she started explaining them.  “You know, the jeans with stuff on them!”  It clicked…she meant the Circo jeans from Target with the pretty sparkles.   Next she picked out her “Justice” shirt…and then getting her shoes on…yep, the bright pink Converse shoes…now known as “her Justice shoes.”

So maybe Justice was served here this morning…things seem to be fair to Squeaky…she has turned the things she already owns into her “Justice” things.  Works for me!

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Tim often gets “mad” at me because I will tell him people’s thoughts that they have shared with me…and I didn’t argue back.  I have been told how stupid it is to own your own home due to all the interest that you pay.  He couldn’t believe I didn’t point out all the good that comes with owning your own home.  But honestly in my head, if they are stupid enough to believe these things, they aren’t worth my words to try and teach them otherwise.  I couldn’t have been the first person that they shared these thoughts with anyway…

As you know, I have been working outside the house since January .  I just recently got 40 hours a week on a set schedule.  Due to the hours my 4 year old goes to daycare 3 days a week.  Last nights opinion that was shared with me was from a single, never been married or had kids 70 year old male.  He chose last night to try and tell me that HE would never put his kids in daycare. HE would do whatever it took to make it work so that his kids were never in the care of someone else.  In my head I was smacking the crap out him…but I didn’t say a word…now,of course I wish I had said something.  But at the time I was just trying to keep my hands to myself.

So I guess that is what opinions are to me…they are just that.  Your opinion.  I won’t make you believe in mine if you don’t try and make me believe in yours.  Everyone is allowed their own opinion.  It’s the one thing you are guaranteed in life…you are guaranteed to have your opinions on things…they just might not be right!

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She swims!

Not even a month ago Squeaky wouldn’t let you wash her hair without a fuss.  There was absolutely no water being dumped over that girls head.  There was no “hold your breath and go under” either.   As you can imagine, bath time was a nightmare!

Swimming wasn’t a joy either.  She might sit on the steps of the pool, but when there were no steps, she wanted to be held.

Then, one day about 4 weeks ago she must have gotten brave.  Or maybe she realized how much fun she was missing out on, or how short baths could be, if she just got her head wet!  She finally began letting me dump water over her head.  This simple step made my life (and hers) 100% better.  She could bathe and still be happy at the end.

After about a week of her letting me dump water over her head, Tim got her to put her face into the water.  Amazing, I know.  4.5 years old and she was just figuring out the joys of bath time!

The other day, my sister and parents took her to the pool…I have to say a miracle happened….watch for yourself.

For now you will have to click here to see it…

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Charlie isn’t afraid to show that he is missing someone!  Charlie sleeps on her bed, and whenever I come home, he has to go check in the car.  He knows she is missing, and he would like her home!

Luckily, that day is tomorrow!!!

Did you say tomorrow??

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