Kids say the darndest…

Squeaky…”I think Miss Mary likes me.”
Me…”I think I like you too!”
Squeaky….”I think I like me too!”

I call Charlie “dumb dog” every so often…tonight I called him in from the garage “Come on, dumb dog.” Squeaky says “He bitted me, that is why he is a damn dog!” opps!

She had another one earlier today, but I don’t remember…must write this stuff down faster!!

I cleaned Squeaky’s room last night. When she saw it, she moved a Belle rug from her room into her sister’s room. I asked her “Squeaky, why did you move your rug?” She answered “Well, I don’t LIKE that princess!” and I of course, answer “well, I like Belle.” Her reply “Here, then put her in YOUR room!”

Driving down a 30 mile hour road…”Mommy, go faster!!” “I can’t sweetie, I have to go the speed limit.” Squeaky’s reply “Well, Daddy’s speed limit is FAST!”

Totally out of the blue today…Bug says “Dairy, Oh I get! Things that are dairy have to be put in the fridge because there is MILK in it!!”

My conversation with Squeaky today after skating lessons.
“My teacher told me ‘Oops, a Daisy’ but MY name is not Daisy!” Which is when I chuckled, and then she said “She always said that when I falled!”


“Look, Mom I am a clown!”


This morning Buddy put on his Virginia Beach Harley Davidson shirt. So I said “Harley shirts two days in a row, Paris yesterday, Viginia Beach today.” And he says “Yea, it just comes naturally.”

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