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We need a hobby…

We seriously need a hobby.  We spent 6.5 total hours at the ice arena last Sunday.  All three kids are now playing hockey.  I was there from 915am – 11am with just Tim and Squeaky…and then all 5 of us … Continue reading

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The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero, written by: Rick Riordan, is so awesome. I like it for the adventure, and I have always liked Greek Mythology. I have read it almost 10 times, and I have read The Lightning Theif, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse,  … Continue reading

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Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries, written by Rachel Russell, is a 282 pg. book. It is cartoon so is fairly easy. It’s about a girl named Nikki Maxwell who just moved in and her mom got her a diary, but she really wants … Continue reading

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Early Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows

Early Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows, a Dear America book, is very good throughout the whole book. The sad part is it’s only 129 pages. It’s  about Amber and how her dad’s job makes them travel alot. … Continue reading

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Bloody Jack

Bloody Jack, a 290 pg. book written by L.A. Meyer is a really good book. It is dull in the beginning but still good. It gets exciting when she joins the HMS dolphin as Ship’s boy. My favorite part is … Continue reading

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My kind of problem

If you HAD to have a problem, I mean really, you had to pick one…I have just the ONE!  I have an 11 year old who won’t stop READING!  I have grounded her, I have hidden her favorite books, but … Continue reading

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I almost kissed the UPS man…

And I totally would have too!  Except it was probably another 30 minutes before I knew I had the right accessory…and the guy was long gone. Last year for Christmas my loving husband gave me a kitchen appliance as a … Continue reading

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Squeaky reads

Squeaky has been practicing for quite some time in kindergarten.  And she has known her letters and her sounds for almost two years now.  But she has been soooooooo extremely shy to read outloud to anyone other than me, or … Continue reading

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Monarch sightings

So really its only ONE monarch…but she’s pretty darn cute!  

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Funny how one word can mean two different things to two different little girls. Bug has been talking about how she would LOVE to have a black mustang. It would be black, and she would name it “Beauty.” (I know, … Continue reading

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