We need a hobby…

We seriously need a hobby.  We spent 6.5 total hours at the ice arena last Sunday.  All three kids are now playing hockey.  I was there from 915am – 11am with just Tim and Squeaky…and then all 5 of us were there from 4pm – 830pm.  We even packed dinner to eat between the older kids games.  So after all that hockey…you would think we would be “hockied” out.  But no, we got home at 8:45 Sunday night after all that hockey and sat around the kitchen table eating brownies and ice cream and doing guess what…TALKING ABOUT HOCKEY!!! 

Off the record, I loved it.  I loved hearing the kids all pipe in about how they thought each other had played that day.  I loved seeing the joy on their faces when THEY talked about what they thought they had done well.  Hopefully I will post some pictures soon!

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