My kind of problem

If you HAD to have a problem, I mean really, you had to pick one…I have just the ONE! 

I have an 11 year old who won’t stop READING!  I have grounded her, I have hidden her favorite books, but she just won’t stop!

She devours books.  She lives for them really.  If she isn’t sleeping or reading, she is telling me about what she just read!  

Because of her love of reading I have decided to let her use my blog to help her with her reading.   She reads so much, and so fast that I thought if she took a break between each book to write about what she had just read, it would give her a new way to express herself.

So, Spilled Milk will be having a guest writer, my 11 eleven year old!   Though I call her Bug, she is going to be going by “Ememdabom.”

So if ya need a problem…you can borrow mine.  A girl who LOVES to read!


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