Squeaky reads

Squeaky has been practicing for quite some time in kindergarten.  And she has known her letters and her sounds for almost two years now.  But she has been soooooooo extremely shy to read outloud to anyone other than me, or when I have tried to record it…well she froze. 

Last night when I put Squeaky to bed, she just wasn’t tired.  So after I read her a chapter for the book I was reading to her, I handed her this book for her to “try” on her own.  I knew she could do it without any help and the confidence boost might just be what she was looking for.

I could hear her yelling to me from her bed “Mommy, I know these words!” I was so proud of her.  And happy for her.  She fell asleep last night after reading this book to herself outloud many many times.   Never once asking me for help. :)

Today after dinner I asked her to read it to me…and well the dogs.  And I think she totally “rocked” it!  Great job, Squeaky!!!

Here you can see her!

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