I almost kissed the UPS man…

And I totally would have too!  Except it was probably another 30 minutes before I knew I had the right accessory…and the guy was long gone.

Last year for Christmas my loving husband gave me a kitchen appliance as a gift.  Most men would fear this gift, but mine was smart. He gave me my long over due Kitchen Aid Mixer!   I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box.  Which was when I realized it only had the flat beater…I had no wire whisk or dough hook.  Now I know you are reading this going “come on lady, you got your mixer. Be happy!”  But you see without those accessories, you are so limited in what you can do! I can live without some of the attachments, like the pasta maker.  (for now, at least) But I wanted to do more than just bake a cake!

My husband gave me the go ahead to order my two accessories.  I went online to Sears.com.  I ordered what they had…and when the day came and they arrived…they didn’t fit!  I was devastated! I was waiting and waiting to make some cinnamon rolls that everyone was talking about, but I had no dough hook. 

I kind of forgot about the two pieces for a few months.  It was summer, I kind of forget about baking in the summer.  And then a few weeks ago cinnamon rolls recipes started popping up again.  I searched and searched and couldn’t find the part number that went with my model.  K4SS wasn’t found anywhere!!  I emailed kitchenaid and they never responded.  I was beginning to hate my mixer!  It seemed silly to have this stand mixer if I couldn’t DO anything with it! 

I went back to Sears.com and tried again.  There were some new items added to the kitchenaid search and low and behold…today when that UPS man delivered that pretty brown box to my front door inside were the attachments that fit MY mixer!!!!!!

Good thing that man was already miles away, or I probably would’ve kissed him!

Soooooo, my mixer is K4SSWH it’s a bowl lift type…and the Dough Hook that fits is K54DH and the Wire Whisk is K5AWW.   I know you didn’t need to know that…but then again, maybe you did.

Now I can go make my cinnamon rolls!!

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