4 year old confirms mothers belief that they don’t eat much fast food…

I always tell myself we don’t eat fast food very often…but there are times when I wonder if I am fooling myself.  Maybe I block it out from day-to-day?  Maybe we really do eat there, I just tell myself otherwise.

Squeaky confirmed my belief on Friday.  The day started out with Buddy coming back from the bus stop saying a parent came out to the stop to tell him that the middle didn’t have school today.  Apparently there was a power outtage.  I quickly read my emails, thankful for my Blackberry, and found out they were correct.  About 1am an email was sent out saying no school today for middle school.

So, my day was thrown off.

After we picked Squeaky up from preschool, we were headed to Michaels.  She of course, declares herself “sooo hungry!”  So I told her I would go through Burger King’s drive-thru and get her some chicken nuggets.  This is where she confirms my thoughts.  “Mommy, could you ask them if they sell french fries, and if they do, would you please order me some?”

Honest…those are the words straight of out of the 4 year old’s mouth!!

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2 Responses to 4 year old confirms mothers belief that they don’t eat much fast food…

  1. Crystal says:

    Just realized you have a blog too! How did I not know this? I love blogs (ha).

    I have to comment on this one. It’s awesome that she doesn’t know that BK has fries. Just plain awesome!

  2. tee hee….Sugar just realized she could get fries as well. LOL too funny!

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