My kids are never wrong

My kids are never wrong…at least in their eyes.  This one I will give credit to my Great Grandma Ruby…I think we all remember this story.  One night at dinner she had some radishes on her plate.  My Grandpa had asked her if he was going to eat her radishes.  She replied something about them being strawberries.  They argued, she ate one…and then said “Yep, it was a strawberry!”  The whole entire table knew it was a radish…but she right that night…it was a strawberry.

When Buddy and Bug were little, it was mustard and cheese. I don’t remember who was doing the eating, but we were at McDonalds and one of them was going to eat the other ones cheeseburger.  I had said “you can have it, but there is mustard on it” and the one eating it said “no, it’s cheese” and they proceeded to lick the entire glob of mustard off the edge of the cheeseburger and without gagging or letting on how disgusted they were said “yep, it was cheese!”

Today we were driving to school and Squeaky said “I see the Ice Arena!!”  (it’s her favorite place these days) And I said “Really? Cuz we are still pretty far away from the ice arena, but I do see a brick building up ahead.” After we drove another 5 miles we did pass the arena…then Squeaky says “See, I told you I saw the ice arena.  You know I do have those eyes that can see through other things?”

She got me there…I guess I will have to use her the next time I lose my cell phone or car keys!

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  1. Laura says:

    I too have a child who is never wrong, and who will go to great lengths to reinvent history to back up her assertion that she is never wrong. And sometimes, if she is faced with overwhelming evidence that she is, in fact, wrong, she will find a way to make it my fault (“You never TOLD me that’s how you spell that word!” etc.) But the eyes that can see through things, that would be nice to have.

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