One would think I would be writing about how justice was served after someone treated me wrong…or one of the kids.  But no, I am actually talking about “cool” things.

To a 4 year old, being like your sister is the most awesomest (not sure that is even a word) thing in the entire world.  Anything and everything that your older sister does or has MUST be THE thing to have!

Squeaky confused me for a few minutes this morning while I was helping her get dressed.  She kept insisting I find her Justice jeans…now I will be the first to tell you she owns not a thing from Justice.  Her sister, yes, but not Squeaky.  I was about to break it to her when she started explaining them.  “You know, the jeans with stuff on them!”  It clicked…she meant the Circo jeans from Target with the pretty sparkles.   Next she picked out her “Justice” shirt…and then getting her shoes on…yep, the bright pink Converse shoes…now known as “her Justice shoes.”

So maybe Justice was served here this morning…things seem to be fair to Squeaky…she has turned the things she already owns into her “Justice” things.  Works for me!

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