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@#^% Chickens

You know how kids ask for a pet and you say “you have a pet, you have a fish…” And they say “But I want a REAL pet, one I can touch.” Remember that day?  Stick with that thought!  I know … Continue reading

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Sportsmanship: Part 2

If you read Part 1 of this you can probably guess I am less than thrilled with some of Buddy’s soccer teammates.  This team consists of 5th and 6th graders, so you have “first year players” and you have “second … Continue reading

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Larry, Larry, Larry!

Our school is full of traditions.  Some traditions I would like to mix up a bit…like the songs the students sing on the last day of school.  Pretty sure they sing the same songs every year.  The very last song … Continue reading

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Can you feel it?

Someone once asked me “Are you giving your children a magical childhood?”  I couldn’t really answer at the time, because I hadn’t really thought about it before.  What they meant was “what are you doing to make your kids childhood … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation?

The kids have been on summer vacation for three days now.   Now, I know I haven’t given it  much of a shot…but seriously?  Where is the vacation?  And where is the summer?   It hasn’t been above 60 degrees since their last … Continue reading

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Dear 11 year old…

Dear Eleven year old, It is my heartfelt duty to inform you that you got the wrong set of parents.  You were hoping for the parents who didn’t care.  The parents who don’t need to know where you are and … Continue reading

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