Not enough books

Pretty sure there aren’t enough book in the library to keep my 9 year old, Bug, happily reading a book.  You would think of that as a good thing, but it gets hard.  She is constantly reading, constantly comprehending what she reads, and constantly learning from what she reads!

She read Little Women in one afternoon!  She asked me to ask all my friends what books she should read.  So I asked, and was able to compile a huge list.  She is knocking books off of it faster than the library can get them in!  She started Ruby Holler today and will probably finish it before bed.  And the scariest part is she can retell me the story.  I stop her from time and time and she will tell me exactly what she has read.    Some books she likes, others as she puts it “aren’t my favorite.”

I am anxious to see how she does with the next set of books that I have for her.  One is a ghost story, one has some Greek Mythology in it, and one has dragons and such.  Not sure which kind of book she will prefer, or request for next time.  But at least she is trying all that is out there.  I may actually have her read some of her brother’s Hardy Boys books…just to spice things up a bit for her.

If you have any books to suggest for her, please send the ideas my way!  She loves small ones, fat ones, skinny ones, funny ones, sad ones…you get the idea.  Just please, remember though she can read and comprehend the books, she is only 9!

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5 Responses to Not enough books

  1. Corey says:

    Do you read a lot? I used to read all the time, but since having Sugar…and getting addicted to the Internet, I don’t read books anymore. :( I miss them, but can’t seem to get back to them.

    I soooooooo want Sugar to be a reader like your bug. :)

  2. emandmmom says:

    I go in spurts on reading…it’s hard for me to put them down once I start, so I tend to make sure not much is going on, or that the house can wait for a bit. Last night I read a book that Bug read last week and it only took me about an hour, so there is an idea for you, Corey. Read kid books, then Sugar gets to see you reading and you get to get away from the real world as well.

    And I LOVE having a reader like Bug!! I hope this post didn’t sound like I was against reading!!

  3. Salsy says:

    “Where the red fern grows”

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