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To say I hate cars isn’t really true. I guess I just hate the process of picking out a new car. And not necessarily a NEW car, but a new to me car. I don’t like the unknown. I don’t … Continue reading

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Sunday fun

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Taking Jena Home

So, we pulled into the garage after Pinocchio tonight and Squeaky got VERY upset. After some consoling we find out that Daddy has forgotten to take Jena home! Jena is Squeaky’s imaginary friend that has been with us for the … Continue reading

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Night one of Pinocchio was a success! It was so much fun to watch Buddy and Bug last night at their play. They have worked so hard this week learning everything, it was great to see it all pay off! … Continue reading

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Reading list

 I found this at Suzy’s blog over at Coping with Chaos… According to The Big Read, the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books on their list. The instructions: Look at the list and bold those … Continue reading

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First ride!


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I never really know what to do with a bully.  Or HOW to deal with a bully.  Buddy got punched in the stomach the other day at school…and though the kid that did it isn’t normally a “bully” that is … Continue reading

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Still here!

I haven’t had much time lately…but I am still here!  My loving husband said I am too negative on my blog…so um, until I can think of something positive to say, I have nothing to say.  May be awhile before … Continue reading

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Where did it go??

Does anyone know where June went??  I seemed to have misplaced it.  June is suddenly GONE!!!  Anyone else feel that way??  I hope someone was able to enjoy June this year!

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