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If you like Chocolate, you will LOVE…

CHARLIE!! He is an 8 week old Chocolate Miniature Poodle! And he is ALL mine!! Can’t you just eat him up!! We welcome Charlie into our family, and hope he finds his place in our home! (Charlie, if you wouldn’t … Continue reading

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I am going crazy, or am I??

I really don’t think it is me…but lately I am not so sure. But then again, I am certain it is NOT me. See, I am going crazy. Conversations between Tim and I go like something like this….”Honey, did you … Continue reading

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Yesterday we learned about determination…wish I had the final picture.          

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Today was brought to us by the letter….F!

Family, Fishing, Fire, Food and FUN! What more can you ask for!

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Ok, so I took some pictures of Bug yesterday…and I cleaned my lens and yet I have MORE dust and crud on my lens than EVER before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out my gallery for other pictures!!!!

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Working Girl

Bet you are thinking it would be me, right? No, Bug my 8 year old wants an Ipod Nano. Definately something I am not just going to run to the store and pick up for her. I am not against … Continue reading

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Tim is graduating!!

Four and a half years ago, if you would have asked me if Tim could go full time to college, help raise three kids, and work enough to support us I am not sure Tim would have liked my answer!   … Continue reading

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My kids rock!

Tim worked Sunday (Mother’s Day) til noon, Buddy and Bug made me homemade Belgian waffles!! Then they topped them with cherry pie filling and cool whip and brought it up to me in bed! Yes, by 7AM they had made … Continue reading

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Why Spilled Milk??

I did have some help naming my blog, but when I heard “Spilled Milk” I knew it had to be mine! When I read people’s blogs, most of the time they are about happy things. They make you feel good, … Continue reading

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